Monday 1 May 2017

Cocktails for, eh, a cocktail party

So! You are throwing a party! Or like I will be doing this coming Friday, hosting a gathering and having a few people over for a few little drinkies before heading out.

What to serve?!

If you have been following my blog you will know that mixing drinks for friends is my thing.  Well one of my things :-)

Here are a few of my failsafe recommendations for a good night.

1. Caiproskas
Ok so these are labour intensive.  See here for my full instructions on how to make them.
While these ARE a bit of work alright, they are so worth it.  And in particular one thing I always say about these are they suit both men and women.  I do hate generalising, but you know the way some cocktails are just "womens" e.g. a Cosmopolitan and some more "men" e.g. an old fashioned or a basil gimlet.  These are real kicky drinks. And any fellas I've served them to have seemed to enjoy that kick alright!

2.  Falling Waters
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!!  The complete antidote to the Ciaproskas
There are loads of recipes online but here is how I make them.
Using a potato peeler peel strips of cucumber into martini glasses.  Hold the cucumber above the glass as you peel and the juice will go in the glass also.
Add 2 large ice cubes - or 3
Pour in 2 shots of vodka - the large side of the a drinks jigger
Top up with sprite
And that's it!

3. White Russians
I loves these! Particularly October, November, December and January.  Don't ask! Just because!
Ice, vodka, tia maria and milk in a cocktail shaker.  And shake.
This is a handy one also because you can make a large amount in a jug and then it's ready, and just pour into the shaker with ice and shake throughout the evening.
For my gal pals on Friday I will serve them in cute little milk bottles like this with straws. Another night I might serve them in cut glass old fashioned glasses or plain glasses a la The Big Lebowski. The dude abides.

4. I am not a big Prosecco/champagne drinker but I always find a bottle of Prosecco on ice goes down well

Any of the above and I am giving my absolute guarantee of a good night!  Enjoy!

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  1. I think Prosecco/champagne is a good choise, as well as so "gender neutral" cocktails. Thought I don't agree that white russian is a good choise - nowadays more and more people choose not to drink milk (lactose-free movement and so on)