Monday, 1 May 2017

Muscat trip 2017 - Part 2

I started a blog about about my recent trip to Muscat which turned into not so much a post about Muscat, and more a post about Dubai and Abu Dhabi...  Funny how that turned out! Read it here.

So this is about Muscat! 
Enid and I had the best time!  It was great to see Lydia and catch up with her on everything. I also particular loved seeing her living her life, dressed for work etc (glamourama - she is cabin crew).
I also liked showing Enid around - as I have been to Muscat before but this was her first time.

So what did we get up to - bearing in mind we were there for just a week there was only so much we could squeeze in.  We did all the usual tourist stuff, The Grand Mosque, Mutrah souk, walking along the corniche, drive through the mountains, a small hike in the wadi (valley) etc.  And then we did a lot of usual holiday stuff - pool and beach. 
Enid has posted on her blog in detail about some of these places so I've linked to them above and below.  She has lots of photos as well so worth a read..

The beach! Sigh.
We had the best beach days. There really is nothing like a day at the beach.  Completely different from being at the pool.  Nature is so restorative.  And relaxing!  It really felt like a holiday/break from the norm.

The food!
We ate the best Arabic food.  I absolutely adore the hummus over there.  It has a more gritty/grainier/drier texture than at home.  Plus a super intense flavour.  Mmmm 

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