Tuesday 11 July 2017

Bloggers block

The antidote when I am unmotivated and don't know what to blog...a "what I've been up to" post!

What I've been reading:

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As usual I am reading a few books together. 
I am struggling through "The Writings of Ivor Browne. Steps Along the Road: The Evolution of a Slow Learner".
I am dipping in and out of Bernie Sanders "Our Revolution A Future to Believe In".
I am slowly reading "Into the Water" by Paula Hawkins (author of The Girl on the Train).
And the good news is I am flying through Elin Hilderbrand "The Identicals".

What I've been watching:

Image result for jackie brown movie

I watched Jackie Brown on Saturday night! Instantly I felt about twenty again.  This was one of my favourite films around 1997, and I particularly loved the music in it. It was as good as I remembered and I really enjoyed my quiet night in. 

Other things going on with me...
I went on a very enjoyable walking tour of Dublin docklands - good architecture and some interesting stories.  I'd recommend taking a stroll around this area to feel the vibe.  If I ever have to move from where I currently live,  living in the Docklands area would definitely appeal to me.

New bar in Dublin (another one!).  Myself and the Friday night O'Reilly's crew checked out Ruin Bar on Townsend/Tara Street.  It's the reopening of MacTurcails which must have been closed 3/4 years at this stage.  It's fine...the clientele is very similar to the old MacTurcails so it felt a little bit young  for me anyway.

Enid, Alice and I had a nice catchup on Sunday morning. Main topic of conversation was The Big Trip.  It's less than 4 months away at this point and is getting very real!  (Don't forget this trip has been 3 years in planning!!)

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