Thursday 20 December 2018

2018, a retrospective

Well hello there! This is me reviewing some of my most notable/favourite posts of 2018

The 8th Amendment was repealed! It seems fitting to read over this post today, this being the day that our President has signed the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill and accordingly it has become law:
We made history

For posterity here are my New Year resolutions from January 2018.  I definitely stuck to my commitment to stop using single use coffee cups.  Read all about them here

Who wants a half bottle of good Irish whiskey for a tenner?!  Click here for info!

2018 was a record year for bad weather in Ireland.  In this post I wrote about the horrific conditions we had when Storm Emma met the Beast from the East.  I must say I got some great photos though! Check out that Irish Life statue!!
Next up is Amy with the weather report. Over to you Amy!

Fishing trip. I caught a feckn' shark!!!

I saw some great comedy in 2018! Read here for my report on two shows I went to see in Iveagh Gardens
Viva Back to the Future

Ok, so this one is important!  5 years ago I was laying on my couch moaning on facebook about how I needed to go on a diet in the new year.  My friend Eoghan emailed me and told me all about Low Carb and the Keto lifestyle.  It changed my life.   How about letting it change yours in 2019?

I have had some amazing experiences presenting the artwork of Irish artist Pigsy. From film festivals (Bristol, Galway, Cork & London), where the Mike Andrews film about him debuted, to an amazing exhibition in London.  What a year for him.
Thanks for letting me be part of it Pigsy!

I took a bucket list trip to Canada to see Niagara Falls

Coming near the end of the year, in advance of my big move I started spending more time with people who are special to me.  This is the report of a wonderful weekend Alice, Enid and I had in a beautiful cottage by a lake in Galway.

A Star is Born!  I predict Oscars

2018 was a terrific year!  Here's to 2019 - my year of adventure!

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