Saturday, 6 January 2018

New Years Resolutions!

It's that time of the year. 
For the record here are my resolutions for 2018

1.  Step up my recycling
I am "okaaay" at recycling but I could be a better.  And I really have no excuse.We have recycling containers down in the basement of my building where I lock my bike and if I just bring my stuff down every time I am going out on my bike it's done.

2. Read more
I make excuses all the time - I'm busy with work, college etc.  But if I carry a book around with me in my handbag then whenever I have some free time (maybe in conjunction with no.4 below!) I can get stuck into some reading.

3.  Be a domestic goddess
Lol :-) 
Ok so I am just going to try stay on top of things like laundry and cleaning.  And if I can get a bit better at cooking that would be nice too.

4.  Reduce my usage of disposable cups
I have loads and loads of lovely reusable coffee cups and this year I am committing to using them as much as possible when I go out for coffee i.e. I will try carry one at all times in my hand bag 

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