Sunday 7 April 2019

A weekend of weekends!

Where to start?

First up, an amazing dinner cooked at home on Saturday.  Lobster! Read all about it here.

That fab dinner was followed by a quick spin on the bike to the new amphitheatre in Key West.  It's a wonderfully cute venue surrounded by palm trees, planned and built perfectly for great atmosphere and sound.  We found a good raised spot and settled in for a good evening.  By settled in, I mean went and got some food (pretzel bites and chipotle sauce - pretty good, and good value too) and drinks (pretty poor selection and seriously expensive in my opinion).
...Ah well, at the end of the day I guess we were there for the music and there is Very Good News to report there.

The Revivalists were just terrific! Kicking off with the ebullient "Celebrate" the scene was set, and they ran with it - raising the roof with a 2 hour set of fantastic musicianship  (their sax player is AWESOME, their lead singer throwing himself around with the energy of a man who knows how to enjoy living in the moment had the crowd in his hand from the second he bounced on stage). Culminating with a 3 song encore; a wonderful cover of the Travelling Wilbury's, "Handle with Care" (which happens to be only one of my favourite tunes ever), and their superb "Wish I knew You".  And their third and final song; the melancholic and melodic "Soulfight"...what a song...what a message...what a band.

It's just easy listening music at the end of the day.  But it's good easy listening. It's got edge, it's got soul, and it's quality. Really, really enjoyable night.

And then Sunday! Ah Sunday.  A surprise invite brought me to IHOP.  Woohoo! That was super!  It was also fun driving in a jeep with the roof off. What a novelty after 3/4 months of only being on my bike. I do like car rides.

After a quick pitstop at the bike shop to get a tyre repaired and buying a drinks container for the bike I decided I needed some beach time.  I had a lovely couple of hours to myself on the Southernmost beach getting some Vitamin D and contemplating life.  'Twas good.

Sunday finished up with another good home barbecued dinner, of pork tacos, washed down with Cuba Libre's. Afterwards a little cycle to White Street pier to watch the famous Key West sunset and set intentions for the week ahead.  Ahahahahahhahahhaa! Ok Amy, too hippy, too hippy!
Seriously though, there are awesome sunsets here, no two ways about it.  And check out the photo of me below.  There were some amazing para sail boarders out doing their thing right beside White St pier.

Yeah it was a good weekend! And I didn't even mention Friday night - a lovely night out meeting gal pals, and chats over cocktails.  I do like after-work Friday night drinks.

I do like weekends like this!

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