Tuesday 18 June 2019

Brunch in Key West / Papa's Pilar Rum

Soooo may I take this opportunity to recommend a good breakfast place in Key West?!

The Breakfast Club Too (number one is in Lake Placid, New York) opens every day for breakfast and lunch.  Literally breakfast and lunch i.e. you can have a burger at 9am and bacon and eggs at 1pm if you so wish!

Me, I went for shrimp and grits which were pretty damn awesome! Washed down with a  mimosa and Bloody Mary. I was told the caprese salad was pretty good too!

They have 11 different types of mimosas (get the mermosa, you won't regret it) and 11 different Bloody Mary's (pictured is the bacon Mary).

Did I mention it also is a really cool space with some funky cool sculptures created by the owner's husband.  Seriously, this place needs to go on your list!

And why not follow it by a short stroll (two doors away) to the Hemingway Rum company distillery where you can learn about, and actually see a master distiller at work. Resulting in two extremely good rums.

Don't take my word for it, get your ticket for this super tour - it costs only $10 and within that price you get to do a tasting of both the blonde and the dark rum. Plus your entry fee gets you $5 off a bottle to purchase!

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