Wednesday 27 January 2021

Living in Key West. Some fun facts!

1. It is Florida. Things grow reeeeeally fast
Coconuts and the coconut tree in your yard for example.  This will need to be trimmed VERY regularly so as the coconuts don't fall on someone's head and kill them. It is a huge piece of work but there is the reward of fresh coconut water after all your exertion

2. It is Florida. Things propogate reeeeeally fast.  Got a problem with mosquitos in your garden?  It is likely that you have "standing water" somewhere.  (a) It doesn't have to be there long for the mosquitos to arrive, we are talking hours and days, not weeks and months (b) It doesn't have to be much water.  A friend told me, that once they saw a mosquito grow/feed in a fanta bottle cap

3. You will see (and hear) really cool aircraft above your house.  The Navy fighter jets do their training out of Boca Chica and over Key West, so it is pretty much a twice weekly event seeing Top Gun style planes.  And every couple of weeks these massive carrier aircrafts go over.  

4. You can live on the same street as Tennessee Williams used to live.  We do! Two blocks away :)  I pass it every day on my cycle to work, how cool is that.

5. They don't call it Key Weird for nothing. 
A gem, below, from the Key West Lost & Found Facebook page

*Apparently only 70% sure, because "it might have been a lemur"

6. You can buy a book in a bookstore and it will be rang up at the till by JUDY BLUME.  She owns a fabulous book store on Eaton Street

7.  Things rust and rot reeeeeally fast here.  Our barbecue, bought just two years ago, all shiny and new, is now rusted like crazy and on it's last legs

8. You will hate leaving the island and want to get back as soon as you leave.  We had to go up to Miami (shudder) before Christmas and have not stopped talking about how we don't want to have to go there again for a long, long while

I will add to this as I think of more things you might find interesting or amusing

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