Sunday 10 January 2021

Valentine's Day suggestion - give an everlasting gift...

 Too early to talk about Valentine's Day?  It's just about a month away now.  If your plan is to wait until closer to the moment and pick up a nice card and a bunch of flowers or a box of chocs for your significant other, well that sounds just lovely! And you can look away now as it sounds like you are all set - although, if you are open to one suggestion from me, it would be: get a hearted shaped box of chocolates! :) Even better if the box is a plush red velvet!

If you are thinking about going a little more adventurous, and doing something more long lasting, then here are some ideas for the Pigsy art lover in your life - included are suggestions to suit all budgets

Option 1

Irish artist Pigsy, Enamel Art Mugs are priced at euro24.99 and are a pretty cool gift in my opinion.  They can be used for hot drinks, tea, coffee. but also they are pretty awesome for using for cold drinks, beer or cocktails etc too. Perfect for use every day, but also cool for displaying on a shelf and showing off your art in a quirky way. He has just launched a Limited Edition mug "The Kiss" for Valentine's Day 2021

Option 2

Who wouldn't love a striking print in a bespoke frame, custom designed by Pigsy, in their home. Limited Edition prints offer an accessible entry point to becoming an art collector.  Why not get a print for you and your beloved this Valentine's?! Limited Edition prints are available through Designyard in Dublin city, in various sizes, prices starting at euro790.  View available prints here! Contact Ronan Campbell at Designyard on +353 1 474 1011 or Pigsy directly .

Option 3

Big and bold! Go big like Pigsy's paintings and push the boat out. View his latest work, the "Seven Spanish Angels" collection  

Bringing art in to the family home brings an air of creativity, tranquility, inspiration and positivity,  It opens up the potential for anything to happen in the future, and it is inspirational for all who live with it. Contact Pigsy directly to talk about purchasing an original paintings or contact Ronan Campbell in Designyard +353 1 474 1011.

Whatever you do, enjoy it!  2020 has been a challenging year, 2021 is looking very similar right now.   As Burt Bacharach said, and Jackie DeShannon sang "what the world needs now is Love"

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  1. Thanks Amy for featuring some of my art gifts!