Tuesday 16 February 2021

Can I harvest two claws from a stone crab?

 Following my last few blogs about Florida Stone Crabs, one of my regular readers (ok, Enid. It was Enid) queried my statement that you are allowed take the two claws off of the crab.  Actually, she pointed out what she thought was a typo in my blog "you left a word out - the word "not" - before allowed".  She could barely believe it when I told her there was no typo, you are actually allowed take the two (i.e. all!) of the crabs claws.

It sure seems wrong to me too. And as I noted, we always just take one.  It feels like the right thing to do.

On the basis of Enid's queries I did some more reading up on it.  You can get more info here. It appears that the commission in charge of the rules and regulations (The Florida Fishing and Wildlife Commission) have ok'd the practice - although they also acknowledge that it does leave the crab with less (to nil) defences when their claws are gone.  They also note that the claw regrows back quicker the more that the crab can eat and grow strong - so with two claws they have more chance to get themselves food.  So overall, morally, I am happier with our decision to leave this sustainable resource to rejuvenate with the best chances possible. And hopefully the more we have next season and each one onwards!!

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