Tuesday 16 February 2021

Firefly, Key West

 I was quite shocked to hear that Patrick had got us reservations for Firefly on Sunday gone (Valentine's Day) - because of where I work (in a hotel) I had insight into just how busy the island was and how booked up all the restaurants were.  Ever resourceful, it emerged that Patrick, when he couldn't get through on the phone, he jumped on his bike and cycled down to Bahama Village and made the booking in person.  Clever man! He did note how busy it was - he had to get into a queue to just talk to someone.

Well, it sure was worth doing what he did!  Dinner was fab!

We decided that the food felt more like beer food than wine food. So Patrick had two Corona's and I had a mixed drink in a hipstery mason jar glass.

We shared an appetizer of Devilled Eggs.  We both agreed they were good. Patrick commented they were very similar to mine (Yoink! I'll take that as a compliment!)

Patrick got an entree of Gumbo - he said it was excellent, and that he would totally get it again.

I got two small plates for my main:

Shrimp and cheesy grits. DIVINE!

Crab beignets with gouda fondue.  They were "good", they were "fine", but I wouldn't get them again

Back home we had some lovely Godiva chocs for dessert - Patrick's valentine's gift pour moi! (So nice)

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