Sunday 28 February 2021

What I've been up to...what Enid has been up to

What have I been up to lately?   Bikram yoga! A lot of bikram yoga!

Tuesday.  I went and enrolled for a month long course at Mata Yoga. $140 and worth every penny I believe. Here is a photo of me outside the studio looking worried that I left the immersion on.

Thursday.  Look at the cute bubble gum pink yoga studio

Friday.  Just me initially.  Two other people and the instructor in the end.

Sunday.  I made it! And had an awesome practice. I'm so happy.

What else have I been doing?

Staying as careful as is possible.  
Social distance and mask wearing in work. Washing my hands and not touching my face.  Stay safe friends and readers.

Eating healthy! Patrick cooked us this beautiful salmon on the new barbecue. I swear food tastes better on it.  Look at those grill marks.

And what has Enid been doing?

Oh just the small matter of being FEATURED IN THE IRISH TIMES!!!
Click here to read all about what she and her husband Pigsy, Irish artist, have been doing in the Spanish city of Malaga. 

How exciting right?! 

And what is next for Pigsy and Enid?  His solo exhibition will be held in La Casa Amarilla in the latter half of March of this year. So that is also extremely exciting.  Covid or no covid, these pair have risen up to it, and they inspire me every day.

I thought the article was a great little read.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! Comment below :)

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