Wednesday 3 February 2021

Freezing February


It's cold.
I've no idea of temperatures etc (going from Celsius to Fahrenheit, I'm totally at a loss), I just know that I am dying with the cold.  And I do not have the right clothes for this weather.  This morning I went to work wearing my work dress over a pair of lounge pants, with a hoody and a fleece.  In work they said I looked like an Eskimo. I said I would take that, better than how Patrick described me while heading off "you look like a crazy female spiderman"...whatever that means lol! 

The good news is that it never really stays cold for long in Key West. And it is the Superbowl this weekend! We have been invited a party which will be fun.  We've been asked to bring dessert so, guess what we will bring?! Key Lime Pie :) The weather is supposed to be lovely (warmer again!) and our friends have a really big house with a really, really big yard and pool etc so it will be a perfectly safe gathering - they are putting a big screen outside so the party will be outside.

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