Monday 22 May 2023

The Butcher on White Street is closing :(((((

Do you remember my post from last Saturday, where I mentioned we had lunch of bacon and eggs from the lovely butcher on White Street?  During that lunch I talked to Patrick about how I would put that up in my top 3 for Saturday Brunch choices - the others being the Italian sandwich we share, from Eaton Street Bakery and the other turkey and pesto mayonnaise sandwich we split, from the Restaurant Store on Eaton.

Ah the innocence of my comment. If I knew then, what I know now :(

The Butcher is closing.  I found out from facebook on Monday and in shock I texted Patrick.  He was pretty shocked too.

We went and stocked up! 
This is 2.5 lbs of rashers

12 of our favourite sausages - the sweet italian flavour

I divided up the rashers into 7 lunch portions.  Only 7 times more and then never again 😥


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