Monday 1 May 2023

No Judgement please

I bought two pairs of Dr Scholl's shoes.  Hear me out! No Judgement please. Lol

So I was linked to their website via an ad for Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.  Apparently a lot of the shoes in the movie (particularly the ones worn by Rachel McAdams) are made by Dr Scholl's
And look! Aren't these cute??

Want to guess which ones are more comfortable?  Before they arrived I would have said the brown ones.  Turns out it is the white! They have been modernized.  They are no longer unforgiving slabs of wood/clog like shoes.  They are now some kinds of soft, flexible rubber(?) type of material.   

These shoes were not expensive - approx $40/50 each.  I think Dr Scholl's have done some clever cost cutting: the buckles are not real buckles.  Instead you can adjust the width/size by just pulling - it is a strong velcro where you would expect the buckle to be.

Would you wear these?! Let me know!


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