Monday 22 May 2023

Boat trip - sunken treasure

Saturday evening was a bit of an adventure.  We set out to try locate a rumoured great fishing spot over a shipwreck of an old shrimping boat.  We had tried to locate before with no success but this time we brought technology into the equation and after doing some studying and practicing on the garmin I figured I could locate it.

Good news is we found it! Bad news, fish weren't biting.  The sea was so clear we could literally see them, but no bites.  To be fair this spot is supposedly better during the Autumn and Winter months so while I am glad we located the spot we probably won't go back again until September or October.

I took some photos and video from the trip and managed to cobble together a bit of a video.

Link to tik tok video....   I struggle with tik tok I have to admit.  I guess that means I am olllDDDD.  Ah well!  So click the link and see how it goes eh!

And look at this photo I took of a dragon fly on a seat back.  No filters, just the colours of nature.  Zoom in to look at the wings in detail

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