Monday 22 January 2024

New chairs...I sure will miss my vintage lovelies though :(

End of an era :(
I used to have 6 of these beauties but over the last few years 2 of them died, and these remaining ones were dying.  

I saw these advertised on facebook locals that a now closed restaurant in Key West was getting rid of them. Can you identify the restaurant? Answer at the end of this post.
They originally had 100 or so I guess and I think were selling them for $10/20 apiece - and I certainly was tempted.  But when I saw the last 10 or so offered for free I texted Patrick straight away.

He was interested! But our jeep was in for repairs. What to do??
He jumped on his bike and moved them 2 at a time over to my work until we had a vehicle back.

I liked them immediately when we got them home! They are fun!
But not so much with our yellow table.

Doesn't it all look more cohesive now that I painted the table legs green??
I have ordered some chair cushions too.

My vintage chairs went out on the curb for free and were picked up quickly by some lucky person, sniffle.

As for the restaurant? 
A burger place
A chain
A famous pop singer turned famous actor

Answer: Wahlburgers.

See photos below!

After a few fits and starts, I think I eventually got there on colour!

- The table legs were originally yellow. I painted them green (why???). And then a pale colour matching the top.
- I have the chair pads on order, arriving from Ikea on Friday.
Pretty happy now, I have to say 😀

The chair pads arrived.

Final pic:


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