Tuesday 2 January 2024

A new start

A couple of weeks ago I saw THIS on the Half Shell Raw Bar menu.  I pronounced to Patrick that we were going to be coming to Half Shell on New Year's Day and I was having one of them! He laughed, but agreed - only, he said, if I let him buy it for me.  Cute :)

Here it is! The oyster is at the bottom, the red cocktail sauce and then the jalapeno vodka.  I stirred it up and then knocked it back!

Ahahahahahahahahaha.  I laughed so much at the time and am laughing now looking at these photographs.  It was HOT!  Hot and peppery.  You don't get a chance to chew the oyster, down it goes. Next time I get one (next year), I think I will swizzle the oyster around, eat the vodka infused oyster, and then knock back the liquid.

What did you do to mark the New Year?!

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