Monday 1 January 2024

New Year's Resolutions 2024

Following the traditions of previous years: 2018 20192021 20222023, I am pleased to present to you my New Years Resolutions of 2024

1. Continue my 2023 resolution of buying secondhand or on sale items only (yes same as last year, looking at you Lilly Pulitzer)

2. Exercise more.  Guess what I did? I have rented a peloton bike (with option to buy) and it is due to arrive on the third of January.  Patrick and I are both going to use it and I hope we can get real consistency and see real results.  And enjoy it! Watch this space.

3. Listen to jazz. Because I watched La La Land over the holidays, and it reminded me that I love jazz 

4. Listen to more Elvis Presley.  Because Elvis.

5. Drink less alcohol.  I drink very little as it is, now, but am happy to aim to keep reducing it more.

6. Use my phone and social media less. I deleted twitter about one month ago and even though I miss it (shame) I am battling through.  Not sure why I miss it, I was being far too involved in arguing with people who's minds can never be changed and it caused me stress every time I engaged - I need to remind myself of this!  Tik Tok is the next on my target list: a complete and utter time sink. 

7. Election Year.  Protect my headspace. Any of my "friends" on facebook I see posting right wing awfulness I am going to remove from my "friend" list.  I have friends in inverted commas because they are really just distant contacts/acquaintances to me. None of my real friends lack in empathy, understanding and intelligence. Yesterday one of these "soi disant friends" posted some rubbish about men using lady's bathrooms blah blah so he is gone from my facebook and out of my life now.  No loss.


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