Monday 12 February 2024

New sitting area out front!

During the week, I planned this blog and I thought it would just be about our new sitting area!

How cute is this little deck area? It came from our neighbour across the street, they are getting a pool installed (exciting!) and need to clear our their garden.  It is extremely heavy - took 4 men to lift over and we were told it was virtually indestructible. 

WeeeeelllllL.  Guess what happened on Sunday morning.  Patrick was taking down some coconuts and a bunch of them fell and busted the indestructible deck!  Which by the way, is a quintessentially Key West problem if you ever heard one, right

The culprits

So I think everyone knows that I love a project! And a reason to get my electric drill out.

I shored up the deck with some extra wood at the top and some rocks underneath

And sccrewed it all back together with extra long and strong screws.

Delighted we have it fixed and looking forward to mornings outside dirnking coffee and evening drinks chatting to people as they walk by

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