Monday 5 February 2024

Literal pain in the neck

 Good news.  Since Christmas, I had been covering Front Desk a lot, plus also training new starters, meaning that I had been working strange and awful hours.  That is now finished I hope.  

My neck (crick) and shoulders have also been very bad for the last month or so.  It started on the left side and I started immediate treatment with NSAID's for a straight two weeks.  Just as the left got better it moved to the right - not as painful, but still quite bad.  I did a few more days of NSAID's and then started really focusing on treating now and preventing in the future.  After doing my peloton class I started doing stretching exercises, swimming and doing pool exercises in the evening and went for an expensive but BRILLIANT massage.  Next week I am thinking of doing a bikram class on Monday.  The heat and the stretching will do it the world of good I think. Am feeling a little worried for the future, I seem to be getting this pain yearly if not even 6 monthly.  Really need to be proactive and stay on top of it now - stretching daily etc.

And I really want it better for two weeks' time when we are going BACK to Las Vegas to see U2 - need to be able to throw my head back and look at all the views in the Sphere!