Monday 12 February 2024

Birthday brisket!

It was Feliz's birthday on Friday so we are having her and Bill over for dinner today.  We are going to make brisket in the smoker!  Brisket is apparently Feliz' absolute fave (we found this out on tomahawk night) so no pressure lol! Also, last time we smoked brisket we overcooked it - we're blaming a dodgy meat thermometer and we we have since bought a new one - so doubly no pressure!

I gave it a rub/marinade this morning.  I put an initial layer of honey and mustard.  And then the piece de resistance of our adored Rendezvous seasoning.

I am also going to buy Cupcake Sushi for dessert which will double up as a little birthday gift for Feliz too :)


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