Tuesday 27 February 2024

Vegas food

 Okay, am warning you in advance, these photos are just horrific.

We arrived in late Wednesday evening.  It is quite crazy how big America is, how far away we are from everything in Key West, and how long it took us to travel to Vegas - we might have been quicker coming from Ireland!

So, we quickly checked in and headed out to explore.  We decided to go to Battistas Hole in the Wall which we liked from our last trip but while googling the directions I noticed it would be closing in just 45 minutes at 9.30pm.  Rather early closing time I think, don't you?!

Because we were outside New York, New York we decided to go into Nine Fine Irish Men as it served food and had a good band playing (a bit of Irish diddley eye is always good in my book lol).

Horrific photo number 1 coming up:

I had the mussels. Patrick had clam chowder.  And they were both great.  Hard to believe that from this photo but I assure you on this.

The next morning, similar to last trip we woke up very early and couldn't sleep - jet lag! We decided to throw caution to the wind and head out for breakfast/brunch Las Vegas style - yes we decided we were going to have a little alcoholic beverage with our food.  We did a quick google and decided on the Pyramid Cafe in the Luxor - it was convenient to our hotel (Mandalay Bay) and the menu looked appealing.  We had fabulous chorizo burritos and we were set up for the day - they were so filling that we didn't even need lunch!!

What we did need was a nap though! And I made sure to get one in the late morning/early afternoon - we were going to a hockey game that evening after all.

Before the hockey game we went to "Eataly" in the Park MGM and had the most beautiful glass of wine and a lovely sandwich.  We may or may not have had hot dogs at the hockey also ;) 

Friday! The U2 Concert day.
Patrick tried to persuade me to have the burritos again this morning, but instead I persuaded him that we should go to Ri-Ra and have a proper Irish breakfast.  It was really good - nice proper Irish ingredients imported from Ireland. (While I don't think the black and white pudding was Clonakilty, it was very close in quality).

See my separate blog post about Big Elvis - we took some time apart this afternoon (I went to see Big Elvis, Patrick played some poker) and we met in Battistas for dinner before the concert.

I had the lasagna which was excellent as expected - I got it last time too.  Patrick enjoyed the meatballs and spaghetti.  The wine was "ok/fine".

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