Saturday 2 March 2013

Free cinema tickets - preview of film

On Friday afternoon a neighbour of mine rang to see if I would be interested in going to see "a wizard of oz thing in the Point Village on Sunday".
I was very excited when I heard this:
1. I love free stuff :-)
2. I figured it was the new film Oz The Great & the Powerful - which is not even on release yet
3. I am a big Wizard of Oz fan
I rang Enid and confirmed with her she was available.  Today (Saturday) the neighbour kindly called to the house with the tickets.   She was delighted that I was into it and going to make use of the tickets as she unfortunately could not attend. 
And as a bonus it turns out there are four tickets! I contacted Katie to see if she is available.  She is.  And she is even more excited about it then I - said she saw a trailer for it when she saw The Hobbit and has been dying to see it since.
Enid and I were trying to think of someone else for the 4th ticket. Enid suggested our cousin Kasey and I have just texted her to see if she is a available.
See pics below of the tickets. They are fancy!
Plus it is 3D!!!
I am very much looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Thank you so much - really enjoyed it!

    1. You're welcome! Yes so did I. See my new post about it :-)