Thursday 7 March 2013

Preparing for St Patrick's Day

This year I have been informed by my mam that I am hosting her and my nana (her mam) for dinner on St Patrick's Day - 17th March.
Now normally for me, Paddy's Day (what we Irish call it - NOT patty's day!!) is all about drinking and having the craic and general merriment.  But this year going into town and drinking does not hold any major attraction for me.  Oh god am I getting old?!!!
But one thing I will never grow out of is dressing up for St Patrick's Day!  This year I am going to wear a denim skirt, green t-shirt, shamrock print tights and a cute little green, white and gold (our flag colours) hairband.   

I am looking forward to the day.  I hope you are too!
Happy Paddy's Day y'all!

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