Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday brunch

It's been a fun weekend - after college on Saturday I met up that evening with some friends for our Book Club night.  "Book Club" - which also could be called Wine Club!
Then on Sunday Enid, Alice and I met up for an impromptu brunch - arranged late on Saturday.  Alice has recently moved house and lives much nearer to Enid and I now so she cycled in to my place.
We have spoke about how in November when we are in Key West we will drink breakfast cocktails every day so I figured we'd have a practice run today.

I made espresso martini's which Enid and Alice found a little too kicky (a little too much vodka?) so to counter this I added a little Baileys which made them more smooth and creamy.
We then went to our usual brunch spot of the M&S restaurant on Grafton Street.  The food is just ok there, but it works for us for sitting and chatting for a few hours - particularly if we get one of the nice booths.

I had the smoked salmon bagel which was nice.  Afterwards I had a craving for something sweet so I got this Red Velvet cupcake which looks divine doesn't it.  I should have read the description of it properly.  It was filled with raspberry jam (bleugh) which I do not like.  And the cream cheese topping was very bitter. So it was not for me!  I'll know better in future.

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