Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dublin land

Another great weekend in Dublin.  I had nothing on - i.e. no college class, no assignments due, no exam study to be done - so I took advantage of it and did a bit of everything: I chilled out and relaxed, I pottered around town on my own, and I caught up with some friends (old and new). 
AND I went to see La La Land  - yes AGAIN!
If you remember my blog post from a couple of weeks ago I saw it and loved it.  And since then I've been saying to Enid that I wanted to see it again. We met early on Sunday morning - and went for a starbucks and a chat.  We then cycled across town to Cineworld on Parnell Street.  And there we watched THE most wonderful film in then world again.  I honestly cannot recommend this film enough. I smiled throughout the whole film.  SPOILER (Kind of!):  I smiled even through the poignant bits. I'm still smiling now thinking of it.
I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify all evening.  Next on my list is to get the soundtrack on vinyl! And next on my to do list after that is, that if it wins best Oscar, I am going to go see it again,  Hey even if it doesn't actually win I may go see it again anyway.  Life is not a rehearsal...something that makes you smile so much, sure why wouldn't you watch it again.

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