Saturday 25 February 2017

What I have been up to...

I had Enid and Cousin Kasey over for drinks and chats last night. 

Quick and easy, I made Falling Water cocktails (sprite, vodka, cucumber and ice). 
I wish I took photos of the food - it was all really nice. And quick and easy as well (Ha! For "easy" - read "Marks and Spencers")

I finished a book!
I have been reading lots lately, as I normally do.  But I have been finding it really hard to see the books right through to the end and I've been picking up and putting them down for the last month.  Finally I finished one and it felt good!  Anne Tyler has written quite a few books so I am going to ask Enid to get me some more from the library and hopefully I will finish them too!

The French rugby team are staying in The Merrion hotel beside me. Ireland v France is on in the Aviva stadium today - and Enid just texted me to say she got a ticket for it , the lucky sucker :-)
The Irish team is staying where they always do - around the corner in The Shelbourne - handy location for them for their traditional kick/throwabout in St Stephen's Green on the morning of the match.

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