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Key tips

This is a bit of a lazy (cheat!) blog post but it has some good information and will serve a purpose/help someone in the future I am sure.

A friend of mine asked me for some Key West recommendations so I sent him an email which what was essentially just a bit of a mind dump of a mixed bag of KW things to see and do.  Anyway he seemed happy with it and lol, said I missed my calling as a travel blogger - which gave me the idea of posting it here. 

So here it is.  Things to do and see in the wonderful Key West, Florida (aka paradise):
Little White House is my favourite
Really enjoy Hemingway House also
I’d really recommend doing these…
Plus the lighthouse is nice too
If you want some “good” restaurant recommendations let me know.  Seven Fish comes to mind, & Santiagos Bodega…but if you want more let me know.  Oh! And Flaming Buoy. And Origami for sushi.
Loads and loads of bars along Duval, I am sure you will have no problem finding ones you like!
Sloppy Joes is good for music. Gets very packed at night though (very touristy).  I always thing it’s at its best in the late afternoon if there is music on.  Makes me feel like I am back in the era of Hemingway and that him and the "boys" could literally walk in the door for a drink to celebrate their day of catching big fish.
The Green Parrot is also good for music – off Duval. 
There are some really nice places to eat and drink “along the bight”.  Plus it is nice looking at all the boats. (It’s like a marina)
Half shell raw bar
Turtle Krals

I like this best for eating!!!
Don’t discount Happy Hours!  They are not about mad drinking over there like the way they are in Ireland.
Tends to be 4-6pm and all drinks and appetizers are half prices.
I’d really recommend trying out Alonzo’s during happy hour ….we treat it like tapas and order a load of different appetizers and share etc. 
Get the baked oysters (with parmesan and garlic), or the shrimp in spicy sauce!
(arrive early, it gets quite busy…)
My mother is obsessed with Kelly’s.  Specifically their chicken wings J
Owned by Kelly McGillis and her ex husband
It’s the original building for the Pan Am office in Key West.  They have a bit of a Top Gun museum in the front of it – opposite to the bar.
Happy Hour - If you sit at the bar during happy hour they have a half price menu and specials etc.
Great chicken wings and margaritas!
I’d recommend you buy the local newspaper “The Key West citizen” and read it with your morning coffee – just for the sheer comedy of it.  Mad island. Mad parochial news.
You can buy it from the newspaper vending machine thingies for 50c/$1.
My favourite beach to sunbathe and swim at is the Southernmost Beach.  Nice little bar beside it as well.  Plus has happy hour specials too J
You may have a swimming pool where you are staying but if you like the beach I’d recommend you try that one.
Be like a local J Get a bike!
Bikes are the best way to get around! I’d recommend Eaton Bikes…but do shop around…make sure whoever you get it from supplies lights on the bikes – some do and some don’t. You do need them, it gets quite dark in the evening.
Mallory Square is enjoyable. Bring dollars for tipping all the street entertainers etc. Celebrate the sunset and look forward to what the next day bring.
Wear insect repellent every day but especially in the evenings!!!  You wouldn’t think it, and you don’t see them but you do get bitten.  The locals call the mozzies the “noseums” i.e. the “no see ‘ems” J
If you come across the Dairy Queen (old 1950’s building) on your cycle travels, do stop and have one – very cheap(!!) but nice ice-cream.
If you are into it, think about a fishing trip.  We do a few different types while we are there….  For the length of time you are there I suggest a half day trip and what they call a “party boat” i.e. a group boat.
Wu used to go out in Captain John’s Greyhound boat but he has finished now.  Google party boat etc and you'll find one.  If you are really interested in this let me know and I will try remember the name of the last company we used.
You can bring the fish you catch to a local restaurant and they will cook it for you and provide sides for about $15 per person if I remember correctly… e.g. Dante’s
If you like a table quiz check out Viva on Tuesday night
Sunday brunch!
Will you be there on a Sunday??? 
Check out Margaritaville (the old Westin) for the Sunday brunch at Bistro 245 (unlimited mimosas/champagne)
The food is amazing!
Enjoy!  Enjoy the vibe and enjoy being on “island time”

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