Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pigsy Art - Christmas decoration

A couple of days ago I came home to find a little parcel in my post.  I wasn't expecting anything so I was pretty excited to find out what it was - there really is nothing like getting a parcel is there?!
When I opened it I found a beautiful Christmas ornament and a letter signed by Pigsy.
I follow Pigsy on twitter and had shared a competition which of course I instantly forgot about once I had done so :-)
This is a very cool Christmas decoration - of a (Pigsy) stylised angel.  I think it's too cool to just use at Christmas and I have it hanging in my window where I like the juxtaposition of its street art look and feel, versus the grandeur of the Irish Government Buildings.

Pigsy is the alter ego of my brother in law, and award winning architect Ciaran McCoy.  I just adore his work and I've been threatening to buy a painting of his for a while now.  I know I will at some point but for the moment I guess this little piece will have to do me. 
Check out Ciaran's website here for more examples of his work.  And also you should check out his twitter as he runs competitions from time to time so you might be lucky enough to get your hands on a piece like me too!



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