Monday 6 March 2023

Weekend summary a.k.a what I ate

Came home from work on Friday night to a fine feast of Stone Crab Claws and Prosecco.

Took last half glass of prosecco and sat out front of our house on adirondack chairs.  Admired the radiant evening sky.  As my friend Alice said, "like it was designed by Lilly Pulitzer".

On Saturday we went to one of our favourite early lunch spots - Colez Peace Bakery - and split one their lovely sandwiches made with their baked bread.

That afternoon we headed out on the boat to get gas and check the crab traps.  After the hard work of the traps we drifted around on the ocean and had a little drink - me a mixed drink (vodka & diet coke) and Patrick a cold Pacifico beer.  On our cycle home we stopped off at the local VFW and split a burger - blue cheese mmm!  And fries with vinegar!  What a (naughty but nice) treat.

On Sunday we got up early and were on the water by 8am.  Happy that we got gas yesterday we headed to a new spot and it was HOT!  See separate blog post about our adventures there.  

That evening we celebrated the fishing success with an Oysterfest at Alonzo's. Oysters on the Half Shell, Baked Oysters and Battered Fish Bites. I paid because I lost a bet with Patrick 🤣🤣 and the wager was a Happy Hour. 

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