Monday 27 March 2023

Sunday Chores

We got up on Sunday morning with the whole day stretched ahead of us with no plans whatsoever. Namely no boat plans because of the weather.  So that had us a bit rankled!
We both started poking around the house and garden and actually we ended up getting a nice few tasks done.  Which meant that we felt we very justified in going for a nice Happy Hour that evening to the Southernmost Beach Cafe.

Who wants to read all about the chores we did?! Well, it's coming at ya!

Patrick went up on the roof (eek) to get a good angle at a clump of coconuts that have been needing cutting down for a while now.  He got a great haul and shared them out amongst the neighbours which was nice! While up there he also did some other tree trimming and now there are 4 bins of yard waste to be collected on Wednesday with the garbage collection!

While he was doing that I watered some of our plants.  I am not a great gardener and I am struggling to identify whether a plant or tree needs watering every day (a little) or watering once a week (a lot).

While out in the yard, we talked about one little trouble spot where we have been trying out different bushes and trees to get more privacy from a big house overlooking us.  We have finally decided to change tack and try a "sail".   We nipped in the car to Home Depot to see if they had what we wanted - they didn't - so then I found one online which looks like it might work so that was ordered.

On the subject of the car we also did some work on it! Our neighbour across the street had a spare shade/bimini top for his jeep and he gave it to us.  Looks pretty cool eh?! Plus also we checked and the freedom panels fit on too - right over the shade.

I did a ton of housework - I cleaned the kitchen, and I also cleaned both bedrooms.  The second bedroom (Buddy's room lol!) was strangely messy...I suppose related to it being tax time and we had pulled out some boxes for paperwork etc.

Finally, Patrick asked me to help him choose and order a gift for his dad's birthday.  We got a fabulous bottle of wine.  Delighted with that.  Not so delighted that I had to use the LCBO website to order.  Paaaaaaainful.  Canada has a lot of rules around alcohol regulation, bought to mind my visit to Sweden back in December 2004 when I first got an insight into State regulation and State off-licences.

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