Monday 6 March 2023

Great Day Fishing!

 For some while now Patrick and I have been doing some soul searching, and asking ourselves, used we catch more fish on our little tiny 12ft Carolina skiff compared to the fancy new Pioneer??

Well this weekend that question was answered!!! And answered with gusto.

But not with pure luck I have to add.  There was some strategy involved:

Last week when we were driving back in from an(other) unsuccessful trolling trip, we noticed a boat anchored and bottom fishing in certain spot.  "What is that boat doing there" we both mused.  'That's the Salty Goat", Patrick said.  (The Salty Goat is a charter that we have gone out with many times before we got our own boat).  Both of us together:  "well if THEY are there, that must be a good spot!!"  So we marked the spot as best we could using a variety of methods.  And fair play to the captain (Patrick) he found that spot for us this weekend!

Confession time.  Ok, so Patrick caught this lovely Spanish Mackerel that I am posing with, lol!

7 fine porgy, a 12 inch yellowtail snapper and an 18 inch spanish mackerel!

That yellow tail was lucky to get aboard by the way.  Biggest shark I've ever seen in my life chased it up 😱

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