Monday 13 March 2023

Hot Yoga in Key West and Stock Island

I am just coming out of a two week stint of neck and shoulder (mainly neck) pain and two weeks of NSAID's treatment.  I can't say for definite if the pain is 100% gone, and indeed if gone forever :(  But definitely it is way, way better than a fortnight ago.

To continue to aid in its recovery I vowed to get in two yoga classes this week.

First up, I went to Fyt Gym on Stock Island.

It's a ritzy hipstery place.  Jammed full of men and women who look like they were flown in from Miami straight from Wilhelmina Models.  Eeek.  Not intimidating at all lol.

Ah I am exaggerating.  They all were stunning looking but really nice too.  Not intimidating.  Friendly and professional.  And omg what a buzz and energy in the place!   

The yoga was hot but a kind of flow yoga, which while new to me was very enjoyable.

This morning I went back to my regular studio "Mata Yoga".  It is only down the road so nice that I can cycle there.  It is a lot less glitzy, but more my pace I have to say.  And it is proper hot Bikram yoga which I adore.  Absolutely adore.

So, how is the neck?  Pretty much the same tbh :(  
Watch this space.  And cross your fingers for me please!

Ps.  A thought.  Is this what old age is????


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