Monday 17 April 2023

Great weekend part 2 - Saturday!

After dinner the night before, Patrick got up early and cycled to the Perry to pick up the car. 

And then later that day we went off on the boat for our big adventure!  The Blue Angels were in town and Emily had chartered a catamaran for Joe's birthday to go watch the air show from the water.

We drove our boat up and hitched up to their big boat.  Gosh our boat looked TINY beside the big size of the catamaran.
Permission to come aboard!

Everyone except Patrick is in this photo! I called to him but he arrived seconds too late :(

Emily, Isabelle, Amy & Bandit.  Ziggy had been left back in the hotel with a minder.  I think the heat would have been all too much for her.

Alice gave me a gift of this swimsuit and although it was seasonally inappropriate (it's got a Christmas pattern on it lol!!) I thought the colours worked for the Blue Angels.

We spent a fabulous afternoon with friends.  The air show was incredible - suggest google some photos and videos! And afterwards Patrick and I went and checked our crab traps where we delighted to find a decent little haul (5).


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