Monday 24 April 2023

More time on water than on land???

This weekend I quite possibly spent more time out on the water than on land.  Well, almost!

On Saturday morning we went 10 miles out to the new spot that Patrick had learnt from the night before.  We were up and out at about 8.30am and in both our heads we would be home around noon or so.  Well, I could not believe it when we walked in the door and saw the clock showing 2pm lol. Time flies when you are having fun, eh.

Then Sunday morning we went out and checked our crab traps.  Which were a total strike out!  We gambled leaving them out for the final two weeks of the season - it tends to be very slow then - and it is becoming apparent that the gamble is not going our way unfortunately.  We will check them once more and bring the traps in at that point.

Early that afternoon I met up with a fun gang for brunch.  Celebrating Jennifer and Janine's birthday, plus Conch Republic Days - Megan, as Queen of the Conch Republic, is wearing her crown.

Why yes, that is a Spicy Margarita in my hand.
The plan for that evening was that we would go downtown for a little happy hour.  But the weather was so delightful and water so calm that we decided we would go out and do some more fishing - and take a picnic of sushi with us.  Mmmm.We got in literally as the sun went down, quickly cleaned the boat and flushed the engine and home.  Pretty beat up and exhausted as you can imagine! But a good beat up - what a great weekend.

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