Monday 10 April 2023

Candid photography


So this is a fun photograph! 

One evening last week, we nipped across to our local Brady's pub, formerly Sally O'Brien's and formerly Shanna Key for a very quick dinner and drink.  Am happy to report that there has been a return to form and it is just as good, if not better, than old Shanna Key.  Yay!

While there we met Josh and Jenny.  We have been saying for a while that we must get together with them and Feliz & Bill for a little bite to eat and drinks.  Well literally the day before Josh, Bill and Patrick had been texting and talking about what we could do.  The suggestions that J&B were throwing out just didn't suit Patrick for one reason or another. So Josh, who is an awful slagger (Bill too), takes this incongnito photo of us and sends it to Bill and Patrick saying "thought this guy doesn't go out, huh?"


They say a picture paints a thousand words.  But in this case, I don't think so.  This picture does not show how happy we are that Brady's is BACK.  And that we are here and ordering some nice munchies.  And that we have our favourite server with us taking our order.

But still. I do love a candid photograph that immortalizes a moment in time forever.  I do think that digital photography has ruined spontaneity and we have become a society where it is just too easy to "delete" in order to obtain perfection. There is beauty in the "What Is" - perfect or not.

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