Sunday 1 October 2023


I usually work Tuesday through Friday, but this work I covered Monday, so instead I worked Monday - Thursday and was off Friday.  Aaaaaand this coming Monday.  4 day weekend, whoop whoop.

I am babysitting my friend's cat (Odette) and I popped over on Friday morning check in on her and give her some food.  She is totally adorable as you can see!  A little dismissive of her new servant but that's okay.  She is Cat after all.

When I got home from cat visit I got stuck into a chore which has been hanging over Patrick and I for a few weeks now. Stone Crab season is approaching and all old traps need to be retrofitted with a hole to allow small undersize crabs escape.  If you buy new traps they will already have this hole but because our traps are a couple of years old, some work is needed.

The hole needs to be located as per this pho


This is a job for my drill aka The Best Birthday present ever

This is the first one I did...yes, the rest turned out a lot better than this one!

This was what ended up being removed from each trap

How much neater is THIS one?!

New plastic "hole" attachment screwed on to the trap.  These plastic components cost the grand sum of $1 each!

How cool is this?

I was really happy how they all turned out

Another view of the inside

And the outside

I also screwed on new little brass plates with our names and fishing/crabbing licence numbes on them.  Literally after a week at the bottom of the ocean they turn unreadable....but heck, we are doing everything we are supposed to do!

The little wooden panel on the left is supposedly to allow for escape too...I am not sure exactly how that works, apparently the wood rots??  I think it might be for the situation where a trap gets lost (e.g. the buoy gets cut by a boat engine etc) and sits on the bottom of the ocean for the whole year???

More finished product.

See my next blog for another task I took care of on Friday...smoked ribs.


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