Sunday 8 October 2023


I got a text from CVS last week saying appointments were available for vaccines (flu/shingles/covid/hepatitis b).  I nipped online and made an appointment for myself easily.  Patrick asked me to make him one too which I unfortunately struggled with.  We figured instead that Patrick would drive me for my appointment and would make one himself at that time.  But then! They said to him, we can just do yours now if you want without an appointment so he gratefully accepted.

Patrick got the covid shot.
I booked in for the flu, covid and then it suggested Hep B to me too so I said why not.  No suggestion of shingles: I think I am not in the age risk group just yet?

I'm happy we are done now.  We have Patrick's parents visiting soon.  Plus we are going to Las Vegas for U2 in The Sphere so I definitely feel better about mingling with 18,000 people with a small bit of protection for what it's worth.


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