Monday 23 October 2023

Diana Nyad in Key West

On Saturday, the city of Key West held a reception to honor the 10 year anniversary of the momentous feat by Diana Nyad - swimming approx 60 hours straight, 110 miles between Cuba and Florida, landing on the beach of Key West.

I met her! I cannot pick a favourite photo so you get all 4 below.

I took a photo of these two kayaks which were part of her support team along with the big boat where most  of the team were.  At the time I took the photo I did not realise the significance until I saw the film the next day:  these two kayaks each had an electric current on them, forming the electric shield which deterred sharks.

Next day, Sunday, after a morning of fishing with Joe, Dave and Patrick I went to the 3pm showing of the movie: Nyad.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Inspirational. Motivational.  Also, a wonderful film about friendship and support. Go see this film!!!

After the movie, I went and met Patrick for dinner in Half Shell Raw Bar where I told him my ambition that I could do the Key West 12 mile "Swim Around the Island" before I am 50 years of age (just over 4 years away...)

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