Monday 30 October 2023

Fantasy Fest - Tutu Tuesday, Friday night, Saturday Parade - Costumes!

Tutu Tuesday is one of our favourite's and strangely enough we nearly didn't make it this year.  We were both crazy in work and it was a last minute decision to just pop down on our bikes and go for a small stroll up and down Duval Street to feel the vibe.  Hence the haphazard costumes lol.  I recycled my parade outfit from last year, it has a tutu afterall! Patrick threw on his captain's hat and I dug him out a light up tutu from the wardrobe.  And we were off!  Happy to report a nice atmosphere downtown and we enjoyed it as much as any other year.

Bill dropped by the hotel on Wednesday to show off his beatiful 1974 Corvette Stingray's new costume: beautiful Saint branding.

Buddy said she didn't want to wear her hat and dress up as a pint of Guinness this year.  She also said she did not want to wear her "Mommy's Little Pumpkin" dress either. But here we are.

Friday evening, Patrick came downtown and met me after work.
He planned to wear his boat captain costume, I wasn't really bothered to wear anything...  But then the night before he asked would I throw something together so he wouldn't be dressed up on his own. I spotted his old captains hat (cheapy one that came with another costume from a few years ago) and figured a pair of shorts, white blouse and I was set. For a man who doesn't like couples costumes he said he didn't mind this one lol. I thought we looked cute!

And the big one!  The Saturday parade.
I will post a load of pics in my next blog post but you get the gist of from this!   So much fun as usual, but jeez, a long tiring day!!

A long tiring week in fact.  But so good.  Until next year Fantasy Fest!

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  1. Buddy dressed up for Tutu Tuesday too!!! E. Xx