Monday 14 January 2013

Diet Day 13

Yummy fabulous porridge!
How have I only ever found porridget in my 35th year???
I forgot to bring some of my home-made soup into work today.  So I bought some avonmore low fat tomato is not as nice as my soup I tells ya! 
With it, I had two slices of turkey, coin size piece of chicken & sun dried tomatoes. 
Sorry I forgot to take a photograph of it.
Myself and a work colleage (one of the Personnel ladies!) went out for a lovely 30 minute walk.

Pulled pork left over from mam's dinner yesterday. 

I put the pork into a bowl of my soup and it was incredible.  I love the soup and I LOVE pork. 
I cleaned my bathroom after dinner. It was long overdue.
One square of 85% cocoa chocolate.  This photo really shows how dark it is.
I cannot describe how disgusting this "chocolate" tastes to me.

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