Saturday 5 January 2013

Afternoon Cycle

Rather than squander my day in bed (which is a normal Saturday for me) I decided to get my bike and cycle to Starbucks - not for exercise, just purely to do something and to get some fresh air.
It was very enjoyable cycling along! 
Although I must say it felt very odd getting on my bike, had to really adjust to it. The only bike I have been on recently is  Dublin Bikes, and I obviously have got used to the feel of them.
Here is a picture of my lovely (Huffy) bike outside the Starbucks. 
I won this bike in a cake baking competition two years ago!
I don't use it enough :-(

I had a drip(filter) coffee with slim line milk.  It was nice.
The surroundings however were not so nice. 
The old Starbucks I used to go to - in New Look in Blanchardstown Retail Park - has closed.
So I went to Starbucks beside the Omniplex.  It is quite small and it was very noisy.
One great thing about all Starbucks though is the Free Wifi.  So once I got used to the noise I had a nice afternoon surfing the web.  And then I had a nice cycle home.
All in all a good afternoon.

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