Thursday 18 April 2013

Dillingers, Ranelagh

I looooove this place.
It has recently been renovated - it was cool before and it is even cooler now. Staff were extremely friendly extremely efficient. Really good vibe in the place.
And most importantly great food!
Because it was a Tuesday evening Enid and I just ordered a small plate each:
Enid got the chili and cornbread - the chili had a mix of minced beef and shredded beef with a nice kicky flavour. The cornbread was amazing. I've never actually had cornbread outside the States and I would consider Dillingers cornbread even better than the American kind. 
I ordered the mac and cheese. It arrived with a big dollop of brightly coloured pesto. This pesto had to be the best pesto I've ever eaten in my whole life. It had a fantastic fresh and garlic flavour. The mac and cheese was very good - good parmesan flavour and nice consistency to both the pasta and sauce. But full of calories I'd imagine.
I will be back. Hopefully very soon.