Wednesday 17 April 2013

Weirs of Baggot Street

There is a lovely shop on Baggot Street called Weirs.  While technically is a hardware shop it has a very large children's gift section.
It's pricing is funny (but good!).  It has items that are very expensive, but equally has a lot of items that a child could spend their pocket money on.
Here is a section of their stock below.
Painting apron/pinafores.  How sweet.

Seriously, how adorable are those little tea sets.

This is a great idea for saving your child's first shoes.

Ducks! Lipgloss I think :-)

Little small windmills

I think these bike helmets are just fantastic.
If you are around the Baggot Street area I'd reccomend you check this little tresure trove out.
Oh, they cut keys and stock hardware stuff as well of course :-)

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