Sunday 1 March 2015

Snowboarding in France

I am just back from a week's snowboarding in Val D'Isere, France.

The mountains of Val D'Isere are incredibly picturesque.

And down in the village it was very quaint.
These cute little guys are in an Estate Agent's window!

For the first time this year I went on a Funicular which is an inclined train for going up and down the mountain.

It went through the mountain at one point (via tunnel) and the view coming out was beatiful.

This was a our group in a restaurant on the last night.  A group of promotion girls came in and made us play a silly game and then gave us prizes of hats and sunglasses.  Silly but fun!

A regular reader of mine commented that they thought Val D'Isere was the nicest of all the locations I have been to snowboard.
So on this basis I thought you all might like to see some more pics of the resort.


  1. Of all the snow destinations you have visited this one looks the most beautiful!

  2. Hello from Spain: Fabulous photos in the snow. Great trip. Keep in touch