Sunday 22 March 2015

Ireland, 6 nations champions!

Don't you just love Saturdays!

Enid, Lydia and I met up in Starbucks where I had a hazelnut machiatto.  I have a feeling I was given a caramel machiatto lol, but whatever it was it was great :-)

Then we went to Enid's where we had the BEST Irish breakfast ever. Rashers and sausages (Tesco's Finest), Clonakility black pudding and  fried eggs.
An Irish fry is the best thing to eat on rugby weekend. Fact!

It was a really lovely bright day yesterday.  
So bright, that as you can see we needed our sunglasses on our way into the match.

The great news is that Ireland won the Six Nations cup in a thrilling match.

To celebrate we went and did some KARAOKE!!!!