Saturday 28 March 2015

Slow Cooking!

I've been hankering after some slow cooked meat for ages so today I went out and bought myself a slow cooker (or crock pot as I believe they are known state-side)

They really are not expensive.  This was €20 reduced from €26 in Argos. It has a 3.5l capacity.

What I particularly like about this one is the attractive bowl you cook in which can be brought straight to the table as a serving dish.

So! No time like the present! 
I got straight to cooking!

1/2 cup of soy sauce

1 cup or 8oz of coca-cola (next time I will just buy a can!!)

The soy sauce and coke goes in to the cooker with 12 chicken drumsticks.

Low setting for the next 6 hours.

Check back later (in 6 hours!!) for my next blog post showing how it turned out!!!

Edit.  Here is my my next post which shows you how it all turned out


  1. You got a slow cooker!!!!

    Can't wait to see how the chicken turns out

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous, very tasty .. we keep in touch

  3. That's a lot of soy sauce !