Saturday 3 June 2023

Beale Street

Day 1
We arrived to Beale Street on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 31 with the street practically empty.

Note the "no firearms" sign...

By early evening, the streets were lined with motorbikes as far as the eye could see.  Turns out that Wednesday is "Bike Night".  All the biker gangs turn out and hang out together, drinking beer and smoking weed.

It was loud as you can imagine...

We took ourselves off to Rendezvous for dinner - Vic, Patrick and myself.

And shared pitchers of beer.  Amy, drinking beer, imagine!
Vic & Patrick examined the beer list - not in detail I hasten to add - and randomly chose a beer which turned out REALLY NICE and ended up being Patrick's choice for the remainder of our time in Memphis.
And my choice whenever eating barbecue, lol:

Vic's friend Dennis joined us and we continued strolling up and down Beale Street stopping for a drink every now and again. Dennis lives and works in Memphis so it was nice to get the insight from a local.

Day 2
Our second day started with some time apart, I went to Graceland which I loved - read about my trip here.  And Patrick pottered around on his own, enjoying a typical lunch of crawfish!

That afternoon we met up at the Civil Rights Museum which was intense but important.

The evening was about music.  We strolled up and down Beale Street, doing a bit of bar hopping, stopping off wherever we heard good music. 

Silky O'Sullivan's had "ok" music

But it did have goats! Irish ones

Do you see that red brick building top right of photo - peering out from behind the Coors light parasol.  That is our hotel! That is how close we were to Beale Street.

My crappy camera does not do it justice but of course the street lit up with all the neon at night is beautiful.

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