Saturday 3 June 2023

Vacation Souvenirs

I'm not a big shopper when I am on holidays but I do like to bring one or two little items to spark memories in years to come.

I just thought this was a funny pic to post!  Whenever we come back after a few days away the poor little cat sticks to us like glue.  Here she is, sitting in Patrick's suitcase as he unpacks.

The main thing I wanted to get, after looking on the Graceland website prior to travelling, was a pint glass - on the right.  There actually was not a huge selection and some of them were a bit gaudy but I finally found the perfect one that I was happy with - I think it looks a bit retro too.

Check out the Elvis necklace around the pink coffee cup!

The cup on the left is plastic - I got it when I had lunch in Vernon's Diner paying extra for it.  It was both refillable and reusable so I thought it was great value. And then it was even better value because the guy on the till just charged me for a regular non momento cup when looking at my receipt later.

I also had considered buying a reusable coffee cup in Graceland too but they were not great - either cheap plastic (versus insulated aluminium/metal?? type) or else they were good material but very expensive.  Instead, on my last day I visited the Peabody again and I got myself the coffee cup and a coaster.  I also bought Patrick Rendezvous' seasoning (from the Peabody) and he was DELIGHTED with it.  Patrick can sometimes be hard to buy gifts for (he says he doesn't need/want anything) so I was delighted that he was delighted, lol.

Some better pics of my pint glass.  Thoughts?!

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